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This is ultimately based on you and what you value. However, there are several reasons why people create Estate Plans in general. 

Here are some examples from an Age Wave/Merrill study:

  • To be a good parent & spouse
    71% of American adults say that having an estate plan would make them feel like a good spouse or parent.
  • To be responsible & considerate
    52% of Americans over 55 believe passing away without an estate plan or other end-of-life plan would be “irresponsible." Meanwhile, 22% say it would be “inconsiderate," and 14% say it would be “ignorant."
  • Because it’s the right thing to do
    47% of Americans over 55 leave an inheritance because they believe it's the right thing to do.
  • To cover costs
    42% do so to cover their funeral and end-of-life expenses.
  • Because it’s the parent’s duty
    39% of men and 30% of women over 55 in America believe it's the duty of parents to leave their children an inheritance.
  • To provide security
    38% do so to give their family a sense of security.
  • To avoid drama
    35% of American adults say they have personally experienced family conflict or know someone who has experienced family conflict as a result of not having an estate plan or will in place. (WealthCounsel)
  • To get peace of mind
    32% do so to give themselves the peace of mind knowing that their family is taken care of.
  • To leave a memory
    23% do so to give their family something to remember them by.

Here are a few more reasons people talk about:

  • To ease the burden
    This was often cited as one of the top benefits of estate planning and other end-of-life planning. (Age Wave/Merrill)
  • To avoid probate
    • The probate process can cost up to 10% of an estate. Detailed Estate Plans can reduce the likelihood of a long, expensive probate process. (LegalZoom)

It can take anywhere from a few months to more than a year (or even years) to probate a will. Estate Planning can prevent this. (LegalZoom)