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Estate Planning doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can create the initial components right away and add on as you accumulate more assets.

  • 77% of American believe Estate Planning is important, regardless of wealth (Edward Jones)
  • 74% of working age people globally plan to leave an inheritance (HSBC)
  • An Age Wave/Merrill study found that:
    • 8% plan to give everything away while they're alive.
    • 27% plan to give everything away after they pass away.
    • 65% of Americans over 55 plan to give away some of their money while they're alive.

In general, most people start planning for the future as they age and accumulate knowledge and wealth.

By Age
A Gallup survey conducted in 2016 shows how many people have a Will by age range:

  • 14% of Americans (18 and 29)
  • 35% of Americans (30 and 49)
  • 56% of Americans (50 and 64)
  • 68% of Americans (+65)

By Education
That same Gallup survey also shows the number of people who have a Will based on their level of education:

  • 61% have a postgraduate degree
  • 50% have a college degree
  • 47% have some college
  • 32% have a high school education or less

By Income
This Gallup survey also shows those who have a Will based on household income:

  • 55% making more than $75,000
  • 38% making between $30,000 and $74,999
  • 31% making less than $30,000